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We love working with data; it's the gift that keeps on giving. Data communicates authority and credibility from the outset and provides ongoing opportunity to increase brand awareness long after the initial public release.

With so much skepticism out there, original research for public use should be part of your marketing and PR strategy. Let us help you tell your story and become thought-leaders in your industry.

2011 Social Change Impact Report

The 2011 Social Change Impact Report was designed to provide a barometer of who is engaged in social change, what is important to them and how they work together to advance social change issues of interest now and in the future, the survey explores attitudes, behaviors and motivations of Americans as well as the international community.

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2012 Social Change Impact Report

The focus of the 2012 Social Change Impact Report was discovering what motivates people to engage in and lead positive social change. The report provides a diverse global perspective on why adults engage in social change and the roles individuals, nonprofit organizations, government, and the media play in facilitating it.

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2013 Social Change Impact Report

Everyone has the power to make a positive difference, whether big or small, local or global. What kind of social change agent are you?

Aspiring to know more about people who are involved in positive social change, the 2013 Social Change Impact Report identifies distinctive profiles of social change agents around the world and includes many of their key motivations, interests and levels of involvement, ultimately putting a face on social change agents. The six different types of social change agents are:

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QUIZ: What Kind of Social Change Agent Are You?

Take the quiz to discover what kind of social change agent you are.

2014 Social Change Impact Report

The 2014 Social Change Impact Report builds upon findings from previous reports by examining people’s perceptions of the impact of their engagement in positive social change. The long- and short-term benefits are investigated, as well as how and to what extent they believe they are making a difference and how satisfied they are with their efforts and the efforts of others. In addition, the 2014 survey sheds light on the roles of both the younger and older generations in effecting social change.

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