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We're passionate about helping brands be central to their customers through effective communication. For more than 15 years, we've been breaking boundaries and providing clients with strategic communications that differentiate them from the competition. We excel at launching new, never-been-done-before initiatives as well as providing fresh updates to those tried-and-true. 

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Strategy. Success.


Public Relations


Manage the message. 

Media Relations | Media Materials Development | Community Relations | Blogger Relations | Corporate + Internal Communications | Crisis Communications | Event Planning + Execution |
Radio Media Tours

Content Marketing


Craft and curate content.

Content Strategy + Planning | Collateral Development | Research for Public Use | Infographics | Case Studies | News + Newsletters | Webinars + Slideshares

Ghost Writing


Writing done for you, by you.

Earned, Owned, Paid + Shared Media | Bylined Articles | Blog Posts | Press Releases | Syndicated Articles | White Papers | Social Media Posts | Speeches

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Our Work

Sample Media Placements


We have experience securing placements in local, national and international media outlets, including print, online, TV and radio. Want to do a mat release or a radio media tour? What about a blogger roundtable? View a sample of media outlets we’ve worked with over the years.

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Blog Posts


We are storytellers. Whether we work in collaboration with you or you give us the reins, our goal is to engage your audience. There are times when it's preferred to share your voice and times when it's better to let others do the talking for you. Aintree Communications in Baltimore can do it all in an inviting and engaging blog post. 

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SEO Articles


Today, everyone is hungry for information. If your website only has the basics, it's not enough. Search Engine Optimized (SEO) articles can help drive traffic to your website by capitalizing on the popular search terms your customers use. Check out a sample of keyword-rich SEO articles by Aintree Communications in Baltimore.

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Research for Public Use


We love working with data; it's the gift that keeps on giving. Data communicates authority and credibility from the outset and provides ongoing opportunity to increase brand awareness long after the initial public release. With so much "fake news" out there, original research for public use should be part of your marketing and PR strategy. Let us help you tell your story and become thought-leaders in your industry. 

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We started creating infographics before they were cool. Now that everyone is doing it, it's important to understand what makes them successful. We know it starts with good data and tells a story. Work with us to create sharable infographics. Let the data tell the story.

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Video is becoming an increasingly popular way to reach your audience. We work with videographers to write scripts and content for videos and also provide feedback during production. Watch how the story comes to life. 

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