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A Social Worker's Charge

PhD in Social Work student Adrian Green shares her insight on struggles and opportunities within child protective services.

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A Cultivator of Curiosity

Kara Ball, an MSEd graduate, is a 2018 National Teacher of the Year finalist who challenges her students to explore all possibilities.

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Streamlining the U.S. Military Procurement Process

How one DBA graduate’s dissertation drove his mission to make a difference.

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Improving the Quality of Life for Cancer Patients

Dr. John Buhmeyer, a PhD in Health Services graduate and 2018 recipient of the Harold L. Hodgkinson Award, shares how marijuana could be a viable alternative pain management treatment.

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A Passion for the Special-Needs Community

MSW student Kailee Bauman hopes to advocate for and raise awareness of special-needs kids.

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Protecting and Serving Law Enforcement

Angela Martilik, a PhD in Forensic Psychology student and 2017 Scholar of Change, aims to destigmatize mental health one police department at a time,

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Meet a Graduate: Dr. Gloria Farris

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) graduate aims to fight opioid abuse by arming physicians with assessment tool.

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Creating Health Awareness in the Muslim Community

After a 60-pound weight loss, PhD in Psychology student Amina Khan aims to educate this underserved population on health and fitness practices.

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Meet a Graduate: Caleb Lorensen

MSEd graduate and Scholar of Change Caleb Lorensen shares how he is supporting Thailand’s education system.

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Meet a Graduate: Jason E. Merzlak

BS in Business Administration graduate honors his brother by dedicating his life’s work to providing outstanding patient care.

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A Natural Leader

MSN graduate Ashley Nicole Williams shares the benefits of taking control of her professional growth.

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Mentor Spotlight: Erin Fitzpatrick

Girls’ Empowerment Mission (GEM) had only been around for a year when Erin Fitzpatrick began mentoring a GEM girl. 

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Taking Care of the Caregiver

Tips for nurses to avoid burnout and maintain a healthy work-life balance 

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The Brass Tacks of Earning a Doctorate

DBA graduate Dr. Daniel Rodarte shares how personal sacrifices can help achieve excellence.

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A Nurse's Calling

Leesa Souza, a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) student, recounts her experience as a member of a disaster medical team after Hurricane Irma made landfall.

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Improving End-of-Life Care Education

PhD in Nursing student Kristina McCall believes more time needs to be dedicated to learning about palliative care in nursing programs.

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Building a Sense of Community

Walden’s Student Affairs team discusses the benefits of getting involved in student organizations.

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Gaining Perspective on the Quality of Life

Dr. Eva Hvingelby, faculty member in the School of Nursing and palliative care nurse practitioner, explains the differences between palliative care and hospice care.

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School Is in Session

Tips for pursuing a doctoral degree

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Pursuing a Doctorate With Purpose

How DrPH candidate and inaugural Social Change Fellow Chinonso Nnorom aims to improve the lives of women in Africa.

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Engaging in Courageous Conversation

Dr. Savitri Dixon-Saxon, dean of the School of Counseling and the Barbara Solomon School of Social Work and Human Services, explains how to have productive conversations about some of today’s challenging issues in a respectful way.

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Exploring the Effectiveness of HIV-Positive Community Health Workers

Dr. Richard Jiménez, School of Health Sciences faculty member and Social Change Fellow, discusses possible implications of a new study supported by Walden University.

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Coming Into Focus

Kylie Yearwood, a Master of Science in Nursing graduate and PhD in Nursing student, reflects on how her once-in-a-lifetime journey changed her for the better.

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A Change in Perspective

How a 3-week journey via Roadtrip Nation impacted PhD in Public Policy and Administration student Crystal Francis.

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Meet a Graduate: Helping Small-Town America

Dr. Trey Jensen, a PhD in Clinical Psychology graduate attending summer commencement in National Harbor, Maryland, explains how he plans to effect positive social change in rural Minnesota.

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Connecting the Dots Between Service and Learning

A conversation with Dr. Bill Schulz, interim director of the new Center for Social Change, about Walden’s vision for the future.

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A Changed Man: Meet Graduate Dr. Melvin Murphy

Dr. Melvin Murphy, a 2017 Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) graduate attending summer commencement in National Harbor, Maryland, gets real about the challenges of earning his doctoral degree.

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Social Justice in Counselor Education

Dr. Jennifer Gess, faculty member in the School of Counseling, shares best practices for conversations with members of the LGBTQ community.

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Allowing Dogs to Become Innovative Teaching Tools

Dr. Michelle Roberts-Schneider introduced rescue dogs to her early learning childcare program and saw positive improvements in children’s development.

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A Military State of Mind

Dr. Kimberly A. Kick, MSW program coordinator, stresses the demand for more counselors and social workers prepared to work with military personnel and their families.

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How Far We've Come

Former president of the American Counseling Association and Walden Program Director Dr. Colleen Logan shares two areas of focus for the future of the counseling profession.

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Windows of Opportunity

PhD in Public Policy and Administration student Crystal Francis aims to improve the lives of nonviolent offenders.

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Celebrating Different Approaches to Teaching

This Teacher Appreciation Week, we celebrate teachers’ different approaches to effective education.

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Must Love Science

Kylie Yearwood, a Master of Science in Nursing graduate and PhD in Nursing student, transforms her love of science into her life purpose.

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Women at the Heart of Culture

Dr. Sandra Weinstein Bever, faculty member in the School of Health Sciences, reflects on women who inspired her to lift up others.

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When Passion Fuels a Physician’s Educational Journey

Dr. Stella Onuoha-Obilor, a 2015 MPH graduate and current Doctor of Public Health student, shares her passion for the healthcare field and provides tips for students working toward their educational goals.

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Climb Every Mountain

DBA student Kimber Russell-Simmons is empowering community members to volunteer through her new role on the Idaho Governor’s Commission on Service and Volunteerism.

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Resolving to Succeed

I-O psychologist and faculty member Dr. Lori LaCivita shares how to approach goal-setting to ensure successful results.

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Pursuing Your Passions Through Research

Dr. Nina Nabors shares tips to help doctoral students lead successful dissertations.

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Channeling His Passion for Public Health

Dr. Raymond Chimezie has returned to Nigeria as a Fulbright Scholar with plans to improve the country’s healthcare system by educating healthcare practitioners and the public.

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A New Way of Learning

Walden business administration graduate Jazmin Chi combined her passions to create an international education company.

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Walden Grad Returns to the U.S. to Fulfill Her Dream of Being an Educator

After working in Asia for 25 years, Walden grad Dr. Mary Leventhal pursues her career as an educator in America.

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Inspiring From the Inside Out

Getting to know Dr. Ward Ulmer, new interim president.

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Let the Spirit Live On

The Olympics as a beacon of light and hope for diversity and inclusion.

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The Next Wave of Social Change Agents

The increasing importance of cultivating social change.

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The Pace of Change in Higher Education

The industry must adapt quickly in a changing environment.

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